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Our ministries provide opportunities to build strong relationships with people who are at a similar life point.


TGS Outreach is a ministry of TGS Community and Discipleship Center. We meet the needs of our community through partnership and participation of devoted servants.
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Our intercessory prayer team is 
positioned to pray for our leadership, members and overall ministry. We are postured to pray during specific times and with distinctive targets. The responsibility of an intercessor is weighty but intercessors are equipped and will steward the assignment well. 
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Our education ministry consist of devotional teachings and workshops.

TGS is open to 800+ members 
that are able to sign-up and share devotionals within the community.  

Our workshops are created to generate awareness, equip leaders and to grow the kingdom mentally, spiritually and creatively.

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Our book club is member ran and an amazing time to fellowship, grow and stretch to new levels of vulnerability as our extensive book list covers topics such as offense, ministry, faith and healing.
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TGS has committed to assisting our college aged members with some of their educational needs such as books and supplies. We organize giving and student adoption opportunity to come together as a community to support.
University Student


Our new members ministry assist us with welcoming, on boarding new members in to our community, and setting them up for new membership classes. 
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Our marketing and media ministry are servant leaders focused on enhancing our communications, digital presence and visually expanding the Kingdom of God.

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Our inclusion ministry is one which enables, empowers and engages all persons within the worshipping community, regardless of ability. This stems from a belief that God has created us as equally-valued people in His image.
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New Ministry Opportunities Opening in 2022 

**Worship Team

**Young Adults

**Market Ministry

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